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This book explores how Agus has become more caring towards Frida. Agus can now reach Frida's deeper thought and feeling when Frida is enjoying Agus' food that he cooks based on her request. According to Agus, cooking for his wife, Frida, is very important, because it enables him to use food, which is the most intimate thing for all of us, to show love & affection.

Frida is a great lady with a really big heart to always support Agus in every plans that he makes. Nevertheless, they faced a lot of challenges in their earlier year of their marriage. Fortunately, Agus learnt from his father that cooking could really be helpful to understand loved ones' feeling and thoughts better. That has helped Agus & Frida to reduce miscommunication and misjudgement.

Few years ago, Agus' father passed away. He was really devastated. Publishing this book will give Agus an opportunity to honor his late father and also to carry on his father's legacy.

Cook for your loved ones for better relationships.


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Contemplations on the relationship between food, love and family. A first person memoir about the healing properties of home cooking and a strong family life, written from the perspective of a newly married man navigating his relationship and the heart-wrenching difficulties of aging parents. Combining a nuanced appreciation of the delicate nature of familial relationships with an upbeat epicurean sensibility, creating a fast, easy, and fun read.

James Steadman

Brisbane, Australia

Agus & Frida have written a book that will apply to everyone - no matter what age, or what type of relationship. Fundamentally, it shows a married couple through the ups and downs of their marriage, and how cooking, a simple yet caring and deliberate act, can strengthen and focus any bond. For those looking to work on relationships in a subtle, and natural way, it's a must read - the recipes are also a lot of fun, mostly covering South-East Asian cuisine.

Vanessa Hoffmann


This book is really nicely written, it's motivating - and: it works! If you don't give this a try, you will regret it. A superb idea that fascinated me from the moment I read the title - it is actually quite obvious but we need to be told sometimes :) Really easy to put this into practice. Agus and Frida right about all the things they teach us here. Exceeded my expectations and I found this book very helpful in my personal relationship with my boyfriend. Nice idea! 5 Stars!



The story is adorable and inspirational at the same time, and the recipes are delicious! The husband-wife and father-so relationships are so real and inspiring. It had me crying and itching to get in the kitchen to cook up something for my family and surely keep me reading. This book reminded me of how unpredictable life is, what a blessing it is to have a family and to have chances to cook meals for the loved ones. This book is a precious gift for me.

Kathleen A. Reynolds

Enfield, Connecticut

I was amazed at the way this author used cooking to explore the love and commitment he has for his family I thought I was buying just another cookbook but it was so much more. I thank you.

Agus Ekanurdi
Frida Antony


Agus & Frida grew up in Indonesia and moved to Singapore due to a new job opportunities before finally met each other through friends.

Agus & Frida experience life changing moments when Agus cook for Frida during weekends. It has brought their relationship into the next lovely level.

Agus & Frida would love to share their journey and hope that it could inspire and motivate more people to embrace the beauty of home cooking.

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